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13th June 2024

08:00 – 17:00

Monday to Friday

Office and Social Etiquette


Office and social etiquette covers the rules of conduct accepted in the interactions among people either in an office or social setting. Office etiquette guidelines can range from dress codes to how to interact with others in common areas such as shared cubicles, kitchens, meeting rooms and restrooms. The rule of etiquette also refers to the way in which people respect each other by their personal habits and social interaction.

Adhering to office etiquette is important for a successful business because it fosters a positive work environment. Everyone working in an office is responsible for him or herself and for interaction with other members of the team. A clear indication that an organization needs a program such as this is when businesses are experiencing trouble with office etiquette and realize their employees need help to be able to interact in an effective way.

This program is designed to help participants become the polished individual, savvy in the social skills that make a professional impression. It is a prerequisite to succeeding in both personal and professional life.

Course Objectives

At the end of the workshop, participants would have learnt the following:

Universally accepted standards of good behavior in people

Personal skills that put people in control of business and social situations

How to improve corporate image

Strategies to increase internal and external customer good will

How to multiply repeat business

Strengthen in-house and professional relations

Promote individual self-esteem

Develop poise and confidence for business & socializing

Course Content

General Rules Of Etiquette

Guidelines For Making A Good First Impression

Total Quality In The Business Arena

Introductions, Introducing Oneself, Group Introductions


Business Cards And Their Presentation

Business Forms Of Address

Business Invitations And Their Replies

Telephone Etiquette

International Protocol

Business Gift Giving

Conversational Skills For Business And Social Situations

Pitfalls To Avoid

Business Entertaining Skills

Host Or Hostess Duties

Host Or Hostess Duties

Guest Duties

Dining Skills

Dressing For The Occasion

Office And Customer Service Protocols