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21st July 2024

08:00 – 17:00

Monday to Friday

Planning And Organizing Skills


Planning and organizational skills are at the top of the personal and professional development skill requirements of new and senior managers. Organizing and planning skills enable professionals to establish a course of action for themselves and others to accomplish specific results.

While time works against most people, it can also be the biggest asset if managed properly. If a professional can find ways to boost
productivity, he/she can accomplish more daily, impress customers and employers and have more free time to enjoy life. Most professionals
need to work on different projects at the same time. Each project will have different objectives and even different deadlines. An unorganized person may get confused among the different projects, which may have undesirable consequences.

The purpose of this workshop is to develop or expand organization and planning skills that support the continual growth and success of the individual,
department and the institution. The course helps delegates understand the key elements of planning and organizing – and shows how they can be readily applied to the delegates’ work environment.

Participants will be made to assess their organization, planning, and time management skills; prepare long-range and short-term goals that support the mission of the institution and department; develop measurable objectives to support goal attainment; differentiate between urgent, important, and not urgent action items; and engage in proactive planning.

Course Objectives

At the end of this training, participants should be able to:

Understand the principles and importance of correct planning and organizing

Have a clear understanding of the essential ingredients of planning and organizing

Learn the importance of setting and prioritizing goals and objectives

Organize and adapt plans for successful implementation

Understand and use planning tools e.g. Gantt Charts, Mind Maps, etc.,

Apply the principles of prioritizing work effectively

Develop personal organizing strategies to help with work-life balance

Learn how to organize the office, computer, and paperwork

Practice the skills of planning and organizing in a controlled environment

Course Content

» Understanding Planning
» Planning Frameworks
» Importance Of Planning
» Planning Tools
» The Key Elements Of The Planning Cycle
» Introduction To Strategic And
Operational Plans
» Vision, Mission, Goals, Objectives, And Action Plans
» Setting Goals & Objectives
» Smart( Er) Goals
» Things To Consider When Planning
» Planning And Prioritization
» The Abcde Model For Prioritizing
» The Planning Matrix
» Urgent Versus Important
» The Quadrant Manager System For Planning
» Planning Exercise

» The Principles Of Organization
» Self Organization
» Organizing Your Workspace
» Improving Your Work Environment
» Organizing Workflows
» Team Organization
» Defining Work Process
» Organizing Multi-tasks
» How To Review Working Practices
» Using A Grant Chart
» The Pareto Principle
» Organizing Exercise