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21st July 2024

08:00 – 17:00

Monday to Friday

Policy Articulation, Development And Communication


Effective policy and program formulation is needed more than ever now that organizations are facing immense budget cuts. However, policies and program are not always internally coherent, resulting in less effective policies. This training will help you in making the right choices towards effective policy design.

During the course you will be taken step-by-step through the process of policy formulation, based on the Logical Framework Approach (LFA). This
leads you through the steps of problem identification, setting the objectives, policy options and choosing the most effective interventions and defining monitoring and evaluation criteria. The training combines theory, practical sessions and exercises, and is based on the idea of “action learning” –
encouraging you to draw upon examples of projects you are currently involved in. In this way, the training is directly relevant to your work.

This training is designed for civil servants, policy-makers and politicians in the public sector who are professionally involved in policy and program  formulation.

Course Objectives

To equip the senior government officers and other practitioners with skills and competencies in formulating and developing policies that are people centered and implementable.

Course Content

The Concept Of Policy

Critical Underpinnings Of Effective Policy Formulation And Analysis

Steps In Policy Formulation

Models Of Policy Formulation And Implementation

Traditional Research Versus Policy Analysis

Defining The Problem

Pitfalls In Policy Definition

Statement Of The Problem

Determining Objectives Of The Policy

Identification And Evaluation Of Alternatives


Cost-benefit Analysis

Risk Analysis

Environment Impact Analysis

Communicating Policy

Dealing With Resistance To New Policies

Stakeholder Alignment And Buy-in

Policy Implementation Process

Monitoring Implementation

Evaluating Implementation