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21st July 2024

08:00 – 17:00

Monday to Friday

Presentation and Public Speaking Skills


The impact made by an individual speaking or presenting to a group is vital to ensure greater understanding and buy-in. Having a great idea,
plan, intent or service to offer, plus effective and efficient backup and administration is half the battle. The other half is convincing decision
makers, stakeholders and your audience that what you have to offer shall indeed meet their needs and expectations! No matter how good or important a message is, if it is not delivered in an interesting and effective way, chances are it would not be heard at all.

Presentations and public speaking include several different components: a script, an actor, a performance, and an audience. This program marries those elements to help participants learn how to prepare and deliver dynamite presentations and speeches. It also designed to provide helpful insights and strategy on how to tailor a presentation so that it appeals
specifically to the needs of a particular audience; to be sure you are saying something they will value in an exciting, captivating and engaging way.

Course Objectives

At the end of this programme, will be able to:

Understand the Process of gathering the details for a winning presentation

Prepare an effective presentation.

Implement strategies for dealing with difficult or delicate encounters.

Identify the essential components of a presentation.

Structure and organize information to support the message in a clear and concise manner.

Understand and identify audience attitudes and needs.

Create an attention-grabbing introduction.

Implement techniques for varying vocal tones and body language.

Use specific strategies to overcome nervousness.

Identify and handle audience questions and objections.

Deliver a credible presentation even when caught unprepared.

Set up a specific action plan to continue to practice and improve presentation skills.

Develop strategies for handling disruptive participants.

Communicate confidently and effectively to different groups.

Course Content

Preparing A Presentation

Key Features Of A Presentation

Qualities Of A Winning Presentation

Types Of Presentation

Creating A Specific Purpose

Structuring Your Presentation

Fundamentals Of Public Speaking

Establishing Rapport

Developing Presence And Building Your Credibility

Enhancing Speaking Skills

Use Of Eye Contact, Gestures, Facial Expressions And Movement To Focus Attention

Dealing With Unhelpful Nerves

Verbal And Non Verbal Communication

How To Time The Presentation

How To Use Humour And Jokes

How To Build And Maintain Rapport, Even With A Mix Of Individuals

Gaining Audience Involvement

Keeping Control Of The Presentation

How To Use Your Voice

Body Language

Coping With Hostility And Energizing A Dull Audience

How To Deliver A Credible Presentation At Short Notice

How To Get Specific Feedback

Avoiding The Common Mistakes

Techniques For Ending The Presentation