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13th June 2024

08:00 – 17:00

Monday to Friday

Strategic Thinking, Planning And Execution


The ability to create and implement a strategic operational plan is a key management skill. In today’s fast moving and ever changing environment it is more important than ever, given how the political, social and economic landscape increasingly influences what we do and how we do it. The challenge comes in setting a real direction for your organization and ensuring your plan is clearly communicated and understood by all.

Strategy has become a part of the main agenda in many organizations today and strategic planning is an organization’s process of defining its strategy and making decisions on allocating its resources to achieve this strategy.

The programme explores the principle dimensions of strategic thinking and the relationship between strategic thinking and planning. It presents a framework and utilizes different planning matrices to illustrate an approach in crafting out a strategic plan and how successfully implementing it will require aligning the key levers of the organization’s business systems and creating a strategy-support culture.

Course Objectives

This program is designed to help participants:

Identify the current critical strategic issues that can impact and influence the competitiveness of their organizations.

Determine their current level and skill at proficient strategic thinking and planning.

Discover a unique, highly streamlined method of Strategic Thinking that can reduce even the most complicated challenges down to a four-phased, six-step resolution plan.

Take an in-depth look at some of the most advanced strategic thinking case studies and what they can adapt and apply from their “lessons learned”.

Identify important strategic opportunities for growth and accomplishment that may be masked as problems or current challenges.

Apply a unique Strategic Planning Model that is guaranteed to produce visible, measurable results and progress-on-plan in as short as six week from the very start.

Develop employee motivation and team synergy to accomplish strategic goals and objectives.

Prioritize and focus their company’s current resources to produce an even greater return on investment.

Develop and apply a highly organized follow through Implementation Tracking System that keeps all of their strategic planning priorities running on track.

Apply Strategic Thinking and Planning principles to employee and management development helping to bring out the hidden skills and talents of employees and team members.

Develop pro-active buy-in and support from all levels of their company.

Course Content

What Is Strategy And Why Is It Important?

Key Elements Of A Successful Strategy

How Business Model Relates To The Concept Of Strategy

Strategic Thinking And Planning: An Integrated Approach

The Concept And Dimension Of Strategic Thinking

How Strategic Thinking Is Linked To Strategic Planning

Key Elements Of Strategic Planning: Vision, Mission, Goals, ObjectivesAnd Values

Linking The Vision/mission With Core Values

External Environment Assessment

Competitive Analysis

Industry Analysis

Competitive Profile Assessment

Internal Assessment To Evaluate A Company’s Resources And Competitive Position

Setting Objectives And Strategy Choices

The Imperative Of Setting Objectives

The Five Generic Strategies

Strategy Analysis And Choice: The Process Of Generating And Selecting Strategies

Strategy Implementation: The Process Of Implementing The Strategy

Aligning And Building Commitment To Strategy

Factors To Consider In Aligning The Organization And Building

Commitment To Strategy Implementation